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Kyiv, st. Great Vasylkivska, 41
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Eat. Drink. Get crazy!

In PINZARELLA, on Velyka Vasylkivska.

pinza • mozarella • prosecco bar -

With a glass of Prosecco in one hand and a piece of pinza in the other. Or pinsa.

We know that you will not remember the difference at first.

But it will definitely be love at first bite.

 We take 3 types of flour, add the yeast, ferment the dough for at least 28 hours, then fry the perfect base in the oven: delicious, puffy and crunchy. Then add the sauces and everything your soul  requires. 4 cheeses, peach, salmon, jalapeño ... Or burrata, prosciutto, artichokes, truffles and anchovies.

 In any case, the meal will be ready within 5 minutes.

The prices range from 49 to 99 UAH. For everything, not for one piece.

 In the mozzarella bar there’s baby mozzarella, caprese, strachatella and a whole burrata.

It’s what they call "different aggregate states" of the ideal

 Next let’s go on with the classics. The rules are simple: if you want Caesar, you eat Caesar.

If you want something green-healthy-gluten free, choose one of the cool mixed salads.

 In any case, go for Tiramisu. It’s a no brainer.



Kyiv, st. Great Vasylkivska, 41
+38 093 320-88-99